Naratale Estate exclusively produces organic products certified by Control Union. Every Naratale product is handcrafted and tells its own story. The rice fields are ploughed by water buffalos and hoe, the tea is hand-picked and hand-processed, the pepper is dried in the sun, the cinnamon is peeled by hand and air-dried in wooden frames.

Coconuts, rubber, rice and pineapples are grown for the local market. White tea, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and lemongrass tea are also available abroad through or selected dealers.

Silver Tip White Tea

50 gr / 14.50 €

«Guaranteed organically grown tea at an absolute premium quality.
The tea with its wonderfully soft aroma can be brewed several times without turning bitter.»

Teehaus Wühre, Zürich

White Tea

50 gr / 12 €

«With its beautiful leaves this tea tastes wonderfully fresh and pure.»

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren, Zürich

Black Pepper

100 gr / 8 €

«Naratale pepper has an exquisite taste. It is carefully processed,
tastes fresh and lively, and has a pleasantly sharp flavour.»

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren, Zürich


50 gr / 5.50 €

«The full aroma of these big clove buds
and the intensity of their taste are outstanding!»

Reichmuth von Reding GmbH


Sticks: 20 gr / 4 €

Ground: 50 gr / 6.5 €

«Break this cinnamon stick in two and experience the sensation of pure cinnamon aroma with a hint of citrus notes.»

Reichmuth von Reding GmbH

Lemongrass Tea

50gr / € 11.-

Ginger, ground

25gr / € 4.-

Rice, red

500gr / € 2.50

Dried Pineapple Slices

50gr / € 2.50

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